Goal #6: Clean Water & Sanitation

Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.

While water and sanitation are fundamental to life and well-being, myTurn.com contributes to this essential goal in unique and impactful ways:

  1. Supporting Watershed Restoration: Watersheds play a crucial role in maintaining clean water sources. By enabling watershed restoration groups to share vital equipment, myTurn.com aids in the restoration and preservation of these critical ecosystems. This ensures that watersheds continue to provide clean water while supporting a diverse range of fisheries and wildlife.
  2. Facilitating Tool Sharing for Innovation: Tool sharing programs and maker spaces, powered by myTurn.com, serve as hubs of innovation. These spaces provide the resources and collaborative environment needed to brainstorm, design, and develop groundbreaking sanitation and water purification systems. By democratizing access to tools and fostering collaboration, myTurn.com is paving the way for innovative solutions to water and sanitation challenges.
  3. Promoting Sustainable Practices: Beyond direct interventions, the ethos of sharing and reusing, championed by myTurn.com, promotes a more sustainable and resource-conscious mindset. This indirectly contributes to more sustainable water usage and waste management practices.
  4. Empowering Communities: Access to clean water and sanitation is a community-driven effort in some communities. By providing the tools and platforms necessary for community-driven initiatives, myTurn.com empowers local groups to take charge of their water and sanitation needs, ensuring that solutions are tailored to the unique challenges and requirements of each community.

While myTurn.com’s contribution to Goal #6 may be niche, its impact can be profound. By supporting watershed restoration and fostering innovation in water and sanitation solutions, myTurn.com is playing a vital role in ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for all.