Goal #17: Partnership

Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

At the heart of sustainable development lies collaboration, and myTurn.com is a testament to the power of global partnerships. Here’s how our platform is championing this pivotal goal:

  1. Fostering Multi-sectoral Partnerships: Recognizing that sustainable development is a collective endeavor, myTurn.com actively collaborates with a diverse range of stakeholders. From governments and the private sector to civil society, our partnerships are built on mutual goals and shared values, ensuring that every collaboration is geared towards creating a more sustainable future.
  2. Unleashing the Value of Durable Goods: Durable goods represent a vast reservoir of untapped potential. By partnering with various sectors, myTurn.com facilitates the optimal use of these goods, reducing waste, promoting reuse, and driving economic value. This not only conserves resources but also promotes a circular economy where goods are continually repurposed and reused.
  3. Unlocking Barriers to Access: Access to resources is a fundamental pillar of sustainable development. Through our partnerships, myTurn.com is breaking down barriers, ensuring that individuals and communities worldwide can access the durable goods they need. Whether it’s tools for a community project, equipment for a startup, or resources for an educational initiative, myTurn.com is democratizing access and leveling the playing field.
  4. Promoting Sustainable Economic Practices: Beyond just providing a platform, myTurn.com works closely with partners to integrate sustainability into their operations. By sharing insights, tools, and best practices, we’re helping sectors across the economy transition to more sustainable models, reducing their environmental footprint and enhancing their social impact.

By revitalizing global partnerships and fostering collaboration, we’re not just promoting sustainable development; we’re ensuring that it’s a shared journey, with every partner playing a pivotal role in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future.