Goal #13: Climate Action

As underscored in Goals #7, #11, and #12, myTurn.com is at the forefront of facilitating climate action through various strategic initiatives:

  1. Promoting Sustainable Consumption: By offering a platform that supports organizations aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of durable goods, we’re facilitating the shift towards sustainable consumption. Our platform encourages the reuse of items, playing a crucial role in minimizing waste and fostering sustainable consumption patterns.
  2. Enabling Energy Efficiency: Through our platform, we provide the means for utility-scale energy efficiency tool libraries to operate. This allows builders, contractors, and homeowners to access essential tools for energy retrofits, leading to enhanced building efficiency and reduced energy consumption.
  3. Boosting Climate Resilience: Our software platform aids in making tools and equipment more accessible to communities, thereby enhancing their resilience against climate-related disasters. This ensures communities are better prepared and equipped to handle and recover from such challenges.

By aligning with Goal #13, myTurn.com isn’t merely echoing the call for climate action but is actively providing the tools and platform for organizations to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.

SDG 13 Climate Action logo