Goal #12: Sustainable Consumption & Production

Goal #12: Sustainable Consumption & Production
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Goal #12: Ensure responsible sustainable production and consumption patterns.

myTurn.com’s whole business model and mission is geared toward fulfilling Goal #12 by enabling real sustainable use and production. Our platform increases the reuse of durable goods ten to over one hundred times their typical usage. That means 90% lower consumption rates of durable goods that take water, natural resources and energy to produce, and energy to transport around the world.

Companies and NGOs using myTurn.com are significantly decreasing consumption while increasing affordable access to the things people need. Consumption is too often left out of discussions of how best to reduce greenhouse gases. Durable goods contain huge amounts of embedded energy and resources. By some estimates, consumption accounts for as much as 60% of a city’s carbon footprint.

If we share more, we consume less and help reduce carbon emissions, water consumption, resource consumption, and the need for more landfills.


May 19, 2018