Goal #12: Sustainable Consumption & Production

Ensure responsible sustainable production and consumption patterns.

At the heart of myTurn.com lies a commitment to championing Goal #12. Our platform is meticulously designed to foster sustainable consumption and production patterns. Here’s how:

  1. Amplifying Reuse: Through our platform, we magnify the reuse of durable goods by tenfold to even a hundredfold compared to their standard usage. This translates to a staggering 90% reduction in the consumption of items that require significant water, natural resources, energy for production, and further energy for global transportation.
  2. Promoting Affordable Access: Organizations, be it companies or NGOs, that leverage myTurn.com, are not only curtailing consumption but also enhancing affordable access to essential items. This dual benefit is pivotal in driving sustainable practices.
  3. Highlighting the Impact of Consumption: The environmental impact of consumption, especially of durable goods, is profound. These goods harbor vast amounts of embedded energy and resources. Astonishingly, consumption can contribute to up to 60% of a city’s carbon footprint, a fact often overlooked in discussions about reducing greenhouse gases.
  4. Advocating for Sharing: The principle is simple yet profound: the more we share, the less we consume. By fostering a culture of sharing, we can significantly diminish carbon emissions, water usage, resource consumption, and the demand for additional landfills.

With myTurn.com, the path to sustainable consumption and production becomes clearer, more accessible, and more actionable. We’re not just providing a platform; we’re catalyzing a movement towards a more sustainable future.

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