How it works

Features & Benefits


Generate revenue by renting underutilized assets directly or in the myTurn marketplace.



Easily accept credit card payments in the US, Canada and many other countries.



Reach a wider audience with the ability to translate the platform into other languages.

Barcode / RFID

Use USB or Bluetooth barcode scanners to make check in/out fast and painless.



Improve on-time return of items with automated due and overdue reminders.



Offer products and services on a membership or subscription basis.


Ensure equipment and resources are ready to go when they are needed.


Check In/Out

Track items loaned out internally to students, staff, employees or members.



Track, manage and transfer inventory between multiple locations.

What's New

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What others are saying

  • "We doubled the utilization of our Lending Library in the first year using myTurn!"
  • "We would have never started our community sharing program without myTurn. We're now helping thousands of people in low and mixed-income neighborhoods make their homes more efficient,  improve their neighborhoods and start new businesses."
  • “Incredibly easy to get started, we were up and running in minutes.”
    University Administrator
  • "We've reduced our inventory loss to nearly zero with myTurn's superior asset tracking capabilities, email reminders, reports and analytics."

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

Whether you’re the kind of person who reads instruction manuals or not, getting started with myTurn is quick and easy.

Lightning Quick

Lightning Quick

myTurn has been designed to be lightning quick and is optimized from the ground up to be loved by users & search engines alike.

Tutorial Videos

We’ve created a number of video tutorials to show you how to get the most out of myTurn!

Get Started!

Get Started!

Getting started is easy. Sign up online and you’ll be tracking, renting and sharing right away!