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Home Page Improvements, New Email Confirmation Options, and Login with Email in beta

myTurn Site Home Page Improvements, New Email Confirmation Options, and Login with Email in beta

Email Confirmation: We have made big improvements to our email confirmation system including adding options to require users to confirm their email before submitting reservations or even before any email (aside from the new user and email confirmation emails) will be sent to them. “Location Code” Improvements: Location codes will now be displayed to admins in a number of additional

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Single Sign On for Libraries and Reservation Improvements

New Single Sign On for Public Libraries, Reservation Improvements, and more…

This release brings a number of new features and improvements including: Users can now start a reservation by clicking on the availability calendar for an item Ability for Public Libraries to use the SIP2 protocol with passwords/PINs Includes the ability for admins to manually sync users by searching for their Library Card Number Updates to Membership Renewal Rules so that

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Max Reservation Length, Kiosk Improvements and more

Max Reservation Length, Improved Kiosk, SCA, and of course much more!

Our latest updates includes a number of enhancements, including: The ability to set the Maximum Reservation Length by Item Type. This is set using Settings -> Inventory -> Item Default Values and can be set for “All Types” (upper right corner) or by specific types of items. If you previously had a global value set in Settings -> Loans &

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Improved workflow for transferring Items between Locations & more!

This sprint marks the completion of a number of improvements when it comes to transferring items between locations. In recent releases and this release we have introduced the following features: When items are checked in, an alert is displayed to the admin  when one or more items need to be transferred. They can start the transfer process right from the

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Improved check out workflow, import images from URL (beta), and more!

When trying to check out an item to a user with a reservation that starts “today” myTurn will alert you about the reservation and give you the option to process it via the Build Order page. This will help make sure reservations are marked fulfilled, and give you the option to use the flexibility of the Build Order process (swap

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New SAML 2.0 Single Sign On, User Registration Options, & more!

Two important enhancements have been added to the myTurn platform with this release: Initial support for the widely used SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (can be used with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services/ADFS, LDAP, CAS, and More) For those user myTurn authentication, you can do specify the following fields are required at sign up: Organization Address Phone Date of Birth

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More Flexible Reservations and Reservation/Loan “Buffers” | April 2019 Updates

In this release we’ve enabled Administrative users to override all buffers and other restrictions on reservations, have a number of new and changed features, and completed many bug fixes.  We’ve also revamped the myTurn reservation “buffer” system to makes things clearer and more flexible. There are now two buffers you can set: Now Buffer: how many days from “now” can

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