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New physical inventory check / count workflow

myTurn February 2022: Physical Inventory Count/Check Workflow

We’re exceited to announce the first version of our new Physical Inventory Check / Count workflow is in open beta testing! We’d also added many other small updates, including the ability for admins to create Gift Certificates without purchasing them (in beta). Super Admins can start a Physical Inventory count at: Settings > Inventory > Physical Inventory and then scan,

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Configure your users fields, new item options & more

myTurn January 2022: User Field Configuration, Attachment Labels, and more

Our January 2022 update adds a number of new features and improvements, including the ability to add labels to images and attachments and the ability to configure user fields.  You can configure your User fields at: Settings > Customers / Members > Configure User Fields This includes: Registration fields can be filled in during the registration process, but are not

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Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management

myTurn December 2021 Updates – Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management

Reservation Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management is here! Do you offer multiple fulfillment methods like shipping or delivery? You can now allow users to specify how they want to receive their items: Pickup: this is the default/original fulfillment method and is where items are collected from your location(s). Pickup is enabled by default but can be disabled. Delivery: this

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Summer 2021: Custom Includes, SSO, GHG Tracking

Summer 2021 myTurn Updates

A number of features and improvements have been added to the myTurn platform throughout the summer, including the ability insert custom HTML into the public and admin sites (e.g. for custom analytics, support tools, cookie banners, etc.), more phrases can now be translated, there are improvements to embedding myTurn sites into your main website, and the start of our tools

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Late Spring 2021 myTurn Updates

Late Spring 2021 myTurn Updates

Our latest release includes additional securty hardening, including more protection against CSRF attacks,  the ability to set the order memberships/subscriptions will show up when users purchase them, an option to show the “Location Code” to non-admin users that are logged in, support for currencies, dates, the ability to localize the platforms in dozens of additional countries, and improvements to single

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March 2021 myTurn Updates: Grab bag of improvements

Highlights in this release include warning admins when checking items out to users that have items reserved up through the end of a reservation, requiring a state/province/locality in more countries when the address is required,  the ability to export additional reports, adding the ability to not send membership automatic renewal reminders (set them to 0 days), and a number of

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February 2021: Social Sharing Improvements & More

February 2021: Social Sharing Improvements, List Items Export, and more

We’ve made things prettier when you share your items via social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and have more improvements in the works. Don’t want to lose as miuch money on per-transaction fees? Set a minimum amount that will be charged via our online payments system. You can also now export the “List Items” report and there are many other

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January 2021: Refinements & Improvements

January 2021: Refinements and improvements for Gift Certificates & more

This release brings improvements to our Gift Certificate support–including the ability for an admin to redeem a Gift Certificate, allows configuration of how far in advance to notify users their memberships are automatically renewing, and many other refinements around payments and other myTurn functionality. A full list of updates follows: LEND-6975 Allow configuration of membership automatic renewal notifications LEND-6954 Allow

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Create, sell, email & print, and redeem gift certificates

December 2020: Gift Certificates!

We’re excited to announce that the ability to sell Gift Certificates via myTurn is live. If you want to jump right in, you can visit our support site to learn how to configure, purchase, and redeem gift certificates. You can now: 1. Configure one or multiple Gift Certificates (Settings > Financial > Gift Certificates) with different values or the ability to

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