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Create, sell, email & print, and redeem gift certificates

December 2020: Gift Certificates!

We’re excited to announce that the ability to sell Gift Certificates via myTurn is live. If you want to jump right in, you can visit our support site to learn how to configure, purchase, and redeem gift certificates. You can now: 1. Configure one or multiple Gift Certificates (Settings > Financial > Gift Certificates) with different values or the ability to

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November 2020: Reservation, Inventory, & Mobile Improvements

Reservation Improvements: The releases this month bring user experience improvements to viewing inventory and making reservations. When starting a reservation you can now go striaght to the cart (giving borrowers a hint they need to go to the cart to submit their reservation) and a new “Add Items” button that closes the pop-up so they know they can add new

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Bug fixes and cleanup -- pickup-only locations

Fall 2020 Cleanup & Pickup-Only Locations

Our releases in September and October focused on improving usability, performance, and security of the platform–as well as bug fixes. The one new feature added is that for customers using our Multiple Location support, you can now set location as “pickup only” meaning the will not show in the dropdown on your inventory list, but can be selected as a

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Reservation, Workflow, Embedded Site Updates, and more!

While this release follows the final release of reservation pick up time slots and appointments, it packs a number of workflow improvements including: Option to automatically select the reservation to/end date based on the start date + default loan length Note that this will only work when the start date + default loan length lands on a day your organization

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Reservation Pickup Time Slots & Appointment Limits Fully Live

We are very happy to announce that our new reservation pick up time slot and appointment functionality is now ready for general use. Thank you to all the customers that worked with the early releases and reported bugs, especially SHARE Frome,  The Tool Library (Stirling), and many others. In addition Other updates in this rease include: Improvements to the membership

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