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Platform Refinements & Bulk Maintenance Scheduling / Need to schedule maintenance on dozens or hundreds of items? myTurn makes it quick & easy.

Fall myTurn Updates include Bulk Maintenance Scheduling, Improved Reservation Filters, and More

Our latest release includes many platform refinements, improvements in existing Some of our other big updates are around our new maintenance functionality, including the ability to schedule maintenance quickly via list of all copies of an item or items of a particular item type. You can now also set default “pre” and “post” descriptions for items usoing Item Type Defaults.

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Powerful New Maintenance System & More

Maintenance Tracking and Ticketing myTurn Updates

Our latest release is a vast improvement on our maintenance tracking system, and there are a few smaller, but important updates including: Use any status to disable/delete items There is now an option to completely hide items from all users, inclduing admins, for any status. For example, you can now set a “Recycled” status that also completely hides (closest thing

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New reservations filters and settings help you see important resrvations more quickly.

Reservation Admin Improvements – July 2022 myTurn Release

We’ve released a few changes and updates as we start to wrap up the major overhaul of our Maintenance Tracking system. The biggest updates include more filter options when listing reservations, including the ability to show all reservations that are not fulfilled and not yet past their end (rather than start) date on List Reservation by default. You can change

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Closed Days by Location, Spam Protection & More You can now set closed days & holidays on a per location basis, additional protection against spam user accounts has been added, and many other updates!

myTurn June 2022 Updates: Set Hours by Location, New Antispam Measure, and other updates

Our June release includes many fixes and other updates, including the ability to set Closed Days & Holidays per branch/location for multiple location sites (including pickup locations). Highlight include: LEND-7537 Add UI for editing closed days at each branch For Public Libraries using SIP2, we can now configure the fees/fine limit before a patron should be blocked LEND-7048 Implement form

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SSO & Security Improvements, Improved User Export

myTurn April 2022 Updates: Flexible user field export, SSO Improvements, and more

Work continues behind the scenes on major new features, including an overhaul and vast improvement to our Maintenance functionality. Our April update still included almost 50 improvements and fixes including major updates to our project survey (beta) functionality, the ability to select (and remember) which user fields are exported, improvements to the display of discounted prices to members when they

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Print an agreement & signature lines on receipts

myTurn March 2022 Updates: Transaction Receipt options

We are working on a number of major new features and improvements that will be released over the coming months, so this month most of our updates were minor user journey improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. Fopr our customers that need a signed agreement on paper, we released the ability to easily print one of your agreements when printing

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New physical inventory check / count workflow

myTurn February 2022: Physical Inventory Count/Check Workflow

We’re exceited to announce the first version of our new Physical Inventory Check / Count workflow is in open beta testing! We’d also added many other small updates, including the ability for admins to create Gift Certificates without purchasing them (in beta). Super Admins can start a Physical Inventory count at: Settings > Inventory > Physical Inventory and then scan,

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Configure your users fields, new item options & more

myTurn January 2022: User Field Configuration, Attachment Labels, and more

Our January 2022 update adds a number of new features and improvements, including the ability to add labels to images and attachments and the ability to configure user fields.  You can configure your User fields at: Settings > Customers / Members > Configure User Fields This includes: Registration fields can be filled in during the registration process, but are not

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Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management

myTurn December 2021 Updates – Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management

Reservation Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management is here! Do you offer multiple fulfillment methods like shipping or delivery? You can now allow users to specify how they want to receive their items: Pickup: this is the default/original fulfillment method and is where items are collected from your location(s). Pickup is enabled by default but can be disabled. Delivery: this

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