Embedded site improvements and reducing duplicate reservations – March 2023 myTurn Updates

Embedded site improvements and reducing duplicate reservations

Our new release includes some sought after improvements including one to reduce multiple resrvations for the same person starting on the same day. Users will now be prompted to edit existing reservations if they attempt to reserve the same equipment for the same time period. This will help reduce duplicate reservations, streamline the reservation process, and improve overall user experience. For this feature to work, you must have the option to allow users to edit their reservations enabled.

We’ve also worked around browser limitations causing login issues when you embed your myTurn site into your main website. Futher improvements will automatically happen in this area as additional browsers support new standards.

Other updates include a new option to have the renewal period start from the original due date rather than the date the item is renewed, emails should now be 100% translateable, you can now turn off translation mode via the language selection menu,  and other improvements to make using myTurn even easier include:

  • LEND-8041 Add link to turn on/off Translation Mode to the button of the language dropdown, and add a badge to the dropdown when it is enabled
  • LEND-7636 If a user starts a reservation with the same start and end date as an existing reservation, offer to edit their existing reservation
  • LEND-8008 Add a new admin item renewal option to extend the loan by a default loan period from the due date
  • LEND-8019 Item not available for checkout message assumes it’s a number
  • LEND-8083 Fully translate monthly statement and invoice emails
  • LEND-8090 Always send emails to the effective reservation email address for the effective fulfilling location
  • LEND-8095 Fix reapproval confirmation when editing reservations for admins
  • LEND-8117 Add support for the Storage Access API for embedded sites
  • LEND-7899 page-brand area in public site disappears on show page
  • LEND-8023 Warn admins when the leaving more settings pages with unsaved changes
  • LEND-8109 If a status prevents an item from being reserved display the status badge on the card even if the item even if the item type has buffer days
  • LEND-8110 Browse availability sidebar header shows when there’s nothing under it
  • LEND-8111 Reciving the transfer of an item does not reindex the item so it appears to remain in transit in Solr and on the Card view
  • LEND-8112 Address notes always dispalyed for Reservation Ready even when include notes is unchecked on the template
  • LEND-8113 Locations are missing from reservation reminder and message templates
  • LEND-8114 Items that are not reserable are always showing as Unavailable
  • LEND-8119 Bad dates in the future for same-date reservation checking
  • LEND-8120 Something is wrong with enable in stock now by default and the reserve button
  • LEND-8121 Provide a nicer message when trying to delete an order that has been checked out already
  • LEND-8122 When limiting items to ones available during resrvation dates do not include items that can’t be resrved
  • LEND-8123 Sort items in groupings/stacks that can be reserved ahead of ones that can not be reserved
  • LEND-8130 PROD: When renewing an item with per day costs before its due date calculate per day costs from current due date not today
  • LEND-8131 If user is already logged in and goes directly to the login page, just take them to the homepage for the org
  • LEND-8137 When admins are renewing loans for due date before the original due date, there should not be fees charged
  • LEND-8147 Renewal date issue in cart
  • LEND-8102 Fix tooltips on admin listReservations page
  • LEND-8108 Change the default going forward for new orgs to allow users to edit their reservations
  • LEND-8135 Update Moment and Moment-Timezone