Sort Categories and only require a card on file for some membership types – February 2023 myTurn updates

myTurn logo with the text: Sort & delete categories and exclude users from card on file requirements

myTurn’s latest update introduces the ability to sort and delete Categories, as well as the option to require a card on file to place reservations for some but not all membership types (e.g. staff, members who may be unbanked, etc.). We have also improved  Sierra ILS support and made it easier to customize your public myTurn site with additional CSS class idenfiers. Other updates include:

  • LEND-8040 Add option to not send email on $0 membership-only transactions, that is on by default.
  • LEND-8054 Expose the Category sort order field and use it for sorting categories
  • LEND-8055 Add inventory option to default “In Stock Now” to checked
  • LEND-8062 Add classes to the body of public pages based on if users are logged in, admins, and/or members to allow CSS changes for specific types of users
  • LEND-8061 If an item already requires a specific maintenance plan, do not require it again on check in
  • LEND-8081 New membership option to override card on file option for a specific membership types
  • LEND-6988 Add customer and myTurn addresses to online invoices and payments
  • LEND-8067 If maintenance is required or due on an item display a message to the admin when it is checked in
  • LEND-8070 Add ability to delete Categories with no items in them
  • LEND-8075 Do not index/store <img> contents in item description
  • LEND-8084 Update invoice/payment emails to match some changes from web versions
  • LEND-8085 Do not show warnings that items need to be transferred for pickup when “Use Transfer Workflows” is not enabled
  • LEND-8088 Add primary address zip code and user membership type to project export
  • LEND-8056 Reduce spacing when setting hours via mobile devices
  • LEND-8064 Make floating item filter visible to location admin or higher
  • LEND-8071 Ugly error when currency symbol included in inventory import
  • LEND-8072 Import sometimes treats 1.00 and $1.00 as not being equal
  • LEND-8073 Error showing prices for items with no loan length
  • LEND-8078 Ugly error trying to edit some users
  • LEND-8089 Use Group Mapping for Sierra Patron API library customers
  • LEND-8093 Redirect loop when trying to access a location that is hidden
  • LEND-8094 Email confirmation messages still showing up in a few places when confirm email is disabled
  • LEND-8100 Selecting a pickup location is broken when limiting reservations to specific membership types