Performance updates, report improvements, and user interface refinements – January 2023 myTurn updates

Performance improvements for large reservations and other refinements

Our team has been hard at work improving the platform. Highlights of our latest update include:

  • Reservation Performance: Does your organization process many or large reservations? Performance of the reservation list and other reservation options has been greatly improved. We’ve also added the ability to filter our new membership report
  • Admin check in/out tweaks and improvements
  • The ability to filter membership reports by membership type and other improvements
  • We now consistently show the member’s price when they have a membership discount

Other updates include:

  • LEND-7999 Add ability to filter Membership Reports by Membership Type
  • LEND-8042 Highlight the Due Date with a red label for items that are overdue in the admin cart
  • LEND-8043 Checking in items in a grouping does not update the closed grouping summary on the admin cart
  • LEND-8053 Show original price when showing prices discounted by membership type on card view
  • LEND-7938 When all items in a grouping are marked for check in, check the checkbox and update the color on the collapsed row
  • LEND-8047 List Reservations is still too slow
  • LEND-8049 When looking for items allowing buffer overrides, we find 0 matches on orgs that do not support buffers
  • LEND-8050 Editing a reservation within the now buffer gives the wrong “available” count
  • LEND-7201 Translation/i18n does not work properly in some automated emails (was: LocaleUtil.getLocale() doesn’t always give the right answer)
  • LEND-7946 Show member discounted price on inventory cards when user is logged in
  • LEND-7973 Do not include disabled items on Bulk Maintenance Scheduling
  • LEND-8022 Change “receive email from myTurn” to “receive email from your myTurn site” or similar
  • LEND-8029 Change membership change report end date to be inclusive and change links from membership report
  • LEND-8036 NPE when sending membership reminder emails
  • LEND-8037 Issues turning off “specific membership type” values for access/reservation levels
  • LEND-8038 Make sure all text in membership renewal emails can be translated
  • LEND-8044 Overdue items sometimes sort to top of Inventory card stacks when all items are overdue or currently checked out
  • LEND-8048 When editing reservations the quantity of a grouping can not be reduced to a value greater than zero
  • LEND-8052 Search users does not show users expiring today when using “show active”
  • LEND-8058 Membership aggregate report is exporting the wrong report
  • LEND-8059 isEqualCollection is not null safe