myTurn April 2022 Updates: Flexible user field export, SSO Improvements, and more

SSO & Security Improvements, Improved User Export

Work continues behind the scenes on major new features, including an overhaul and vast improvement to our Maintenance functionality. Our April update still included almost 50 improvements and fixes including major updates to our project survey (beta) functionality, the ability to select (and remember) which user fields are exported, improvements to the display of discounted prices to members when they are logged in and have a membership discount, improvements to our OAuth 2.0 + OIDC Single Sign On Support, and more.

A full list of updates can be found below:

  • LEND-7523 Allow selecting which fields, including custom attributes, are exported on user reports
  • LEND-7565 Make user export remember what the last fields selected were in local storage
  • LEND-7581 UI updates user export fields
  • LEND-7547 OAuth SSO Compatibility Improvements and Additional Claim support
  • LEND-7045 When all items are move to the Order change “Building Order” to “Ready for Fulfillment”
  • LEND-7576 Add the ability to add a note to send/resend on project list
  • LEND-7561 Fix user import for changes to One Option question type export
  • LEND-7557 Change custom/dynamic “One Option” fields to export in a single column for the key and the value
  • LEND-7553 Add discounted amount to reservation list
  • LEND-7549 Also show original price when disconting based on membership
  • LEND-7548 Never send reminders that are more than a week or two old
  • LEND-7521 Add the ability to manually send additional reminders when a Project Survey has not been filled out
  • LEND-7586 Changing the hours for a location on a day with an all day time slot does not update the time slot
  • LEND-7577 Can’t view List Items for organization when Welsh language is selected
  • LEND-7575 Renewing items with a project still prompts that the cart has no project set.
  • LEND-7574 SIP2 fields are being offered as the “SSO Field” for non-SIP SSO
  • LEND-7564 Do not offer a send or resend Survey button if the Project is marked as “Do Not Email”
  • LEND-7550 No warning on List Reservations when an item is not available for the dates needed
  • LEND-7546 Don’t count deleted projects in dashboard “needs assistance” counter
  • LEND-7542 agreementSignature/list is not showing item (type) specific agreements and possibly membership type agreements
  • LEND-7539 Figure out if we’re sending survey reminders properly
  • LEND-7320 Can’t edit the Member Created Date when editing a user even though it looks like you should be able to
  • LEND-7294 Security: completely clear page cache when logging out
  • LEND-6635 Add current membership and expiration to searchUsers display
  • LEND-7613 Project list is sloooow
  • LEND-7609 Processing survey reminders is brutal on CPU
  • LEND-7587 Move survey reminder message to the top of the email and highlight it
  • LEND-7520 Show when a Project survey went out and when a response is recived on project listings/reports
  • LEND-7044 Do not scroll to the top of the iframe on first load of embedded site
  • LEND-7545 Don’t prompt for projects in the checkout cart if all checkouts are renewals with projects