February 2021: Social Sharing Improvements, List Items Export, and more

February 2021: Social Sharing Improvements & More

We’ve made things prettier when you share your items via social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and have more improvements in the works. Don’t want to lose as miuch money on per-transaction fees? Set a minimum amount that will be charged via our online payments system. You can also now export the “List Items” report and there are many other fixes and improvements as listed below:

  • LEND-7012 Optimize Item pages for social media sharing
  • LEND-7000 Add ability to export List Items
  • LEND-6996 Require State / Province if necessary
  • LEND-6984 Add sanity check that statement end date is before “now”
  • LEND-6912 Add older/newer text to reservation list navigation
  • LEND-6995 Allow org to set minimum online payments charge for Stripe (accrue on account if < minimum)
  • LEND-7039 On loan self-renew, the label on the “pay” button when no $$ is required is “Pay Accrue”
  • LEND-7017 Redirect to required fields on user profile at login does not work when site is embedded in an iframe
  • LEND-7010 Unable to move a reservation from “this week” to “next week” if there’s only one of an item, and if that item has buffers
  • LEND-6999 State/province required field name wrong in the database
  • LEND-6971 Make self-renew of items use money on-account and only ask for CC when there isn’t enough money to cover the cost
  • LEND-7024 Membership ID null when users self-create, they do not provide a membership id, and the re are dynamic fields
  • LEND-7014 Add a link (that pops into a different tab/window) on the cart with the “no credit card on file” warning
  • LEND-7038 Prod: on embedded sites, location admins can start to create reservation on behalf of users but lose the data when submitted
  • LEND-7030 Do not use a 307 redirect after a login attempt
  • LEND-7021 Unblock UI after failed validation on Item Editing \(use existing Item ID to test\)
  • LEND-7025 Remove “on account: -X$” from transaction list when it’s just a payment for on-account amounts
  • LEND-7003 Clean up Project question editor
  • LEND-6876 Warn if a user has an unfulfilled reservation when starting a check out to that user up through the end date for the reservation