November 2020: Reservation, Inventory, & Mobile Improvements

Reservation Improvements: The releases this month bring user experience improvements to viewing inventory and making reservations. When starting a reservation you can now go striaght to the cart (giving borrowers a hint they need to go to the cart to submit their reservation) and a new “Add Items” button that closes the pop-up so they know they can add new items to a singe reservation:

Pick reservations dates

Mobile View Improvements: When browsing inventory on mobile, the filters (Categories, Item Types, etc.) are now accessed through a “Filter By” button so your users can get right to the items they want to view, but still easily filter to find what they need easily:

myTurn Mobile View with Filter button highlighted


Tapping the filter by button will slide out the filters:

Mobile View with Filters Showing

One Time Maintenance: You can now also easily do one time maintenance and repairs without needing to schedule regular maintenance on the item. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > Inventory > Maintenance Plans
  2. Click “Add New”
  3. Give the plan a name like “One Time Repair”
  4. Set the frequency to 0 (zero) months
  5. Save the plan

Then when viewing an item, if you click “maintenance” you can either start maintenance to specify the item needs maintenance, and when you complete it (or if you complete it right away), click “record” and slect the One Time Repair plan. Record the details and you’re good to go.

Limit Late Fees: We also added a new option to cap late fees at the replacement cost for items. This option can be found at:

Settings > Loans & Reservations > Loans

and you will want to check off “Limit late fees to the item’s replacement cost“. Note, that you will want to set replacement costs on all your items, or set a default replacement cost by all items or types of items using Settings > Inventory > Item Default Values..

A full list of updates in this release:

  • [LEND-6821] – Add a cart button to the reservation popup
  • [LEND-6856] – Option to set maximum late fee to replacement cost
  • [LEND-6824] – mobile view of inventory improvements
  • [LEND-6866] – Allow Maintenance frequency to be 0 months (no automatic scheduling) for One Time repairs
  • [LEND-6760] – Make sure all due dates are consistent in orgs local timezone
  • [LEND-6761] – Change “overdue” dashboard query to account for org’s timezone
  • [LEND-6839] – Upgrading during the billing cycle no longer charges the org right away — it creates a draft invoice that never gets finalized
  • [LEND-6880] – Self renew with paying late fees is not working and the flash message is weird/wrong
  • [LEND-6897] – Maintenance export is not using all the params
  • [LEND-6901] – Stripe reorg modals missing from public-embedded.gsp
  • [LEND-6902] – One time maintenance not showing up in aggregate reports, and report does not show Item ID
  • [LEND-6872] – solr unavailable manifests as “MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.util.ArrayList.getFacetFields() is applicable for argument types: () values: []”
  • [LEND-6813] – List customer invoices allows “Older” when there are no more older invoices
  • [LEND-6843] – Cancel subscription button
  • [LEND-6883] – Additional mobile view issues and improvements
  • [LEND-6885] – Even more mobile inventory improvements
  • [LEND-6900] – Allow same day returns to be self-renewed
  • [LEND-6904] – Don’t use admin view of reservation cart/list for admins that ONLY have the inventory role