August 2020 Updates: Paid Self Renew of Items, Improved Embed Code, Item Type Hiding

Our latest release brings the ability for customers to self-renew/extend loans that have a per day cost, improved myTurn embed code with better browser compatibility, the ability to hide top level Item Types from administrative users, tweaks to the reservation list so that users with reservations on the same day will be listed together, and many other fixes and improvements.

Loan Self Renew / Extend: You can now allow users to self-renew/extend loans for items with a per-day cost. They will be able to pick the new due/return date for the item, and will see a summary of charges and discounts (e.g. membership discounts, taxes, late fees etc.). They will also be able to self-renew loans with late fees (and will have to pay the late fees to date). Upcoming reservations and reservation buffer days will still be respected, as will the default loan length.

Embed Code: additional improvements have been made to the myTurn embed code to increase browser comatibility.

Hide Top Level Item Types: you can now hide top level Item Types from administrators by going to:

Settings > Inventory > Configure Item Types

If you only leave one top level type enabled, it will automatically start at the sub-types. For example, if you only leave “Tools” selected, the Select a Type interface will start with sub-types of Tools.

The full list of updates in this release includes:

  • [LEND-6650] – Support paid self renewal/extensions of Loans
  • [LEND-6557] – Allow organizations to customize which Types appear in their Item Type Hierarchy for admins
  • [LEND-6775] – Look into adding more stuff to make iframe embed work properly
  • [LEND-6785] – Change List Reservations sort to be bydate first, then time slot (if any), then user, then reservation creation time
  • [LEND-6778] – Reservation emails: remove Item Type, move quantity to a column on the right, add a total number of items
  • [LEND-6779] – Add User ID to the loan report exports
  • [LEND-6774] – Payment method getting hidden by auto renew setting
  • [LEND-6780] – Validate start and return date of reservations on the back end too
  • [LEND-6784] – Update name, email and membership ID in Stripe when we edit it
  • [LEND-6718] – Additional checks and respect reservation buffers a non-admin submits a reservation
  • [LEND-6759] – Buffer not lways respected when changing reservation dates
  • [LEND-6770] – Weird date display when reservation crosses the time change
  • [LEND-6786] – If a user tries to go to myAccount on a site that does not exist they should not be prompted to log in
  • [LEND-6788] – Error trying to start a reservation with mutliple location turned on, no additional location setup, and “only one location at a time” reservation option is set
  • [LEND-6790] – Clean up one time payment page
  • [LEND-6793] – NPE on myLoans/show when the item has a null amount
  • [LEND-6794] – Self-renew of loans: taxes not charged when the item’s home branch isn’t the main branch
  • [LEND-6796] – Organization creation does not work
  • [LEND-6772] – Clean up UI for paid self-renew