Reservation, Workflow, Embedded Site Updates, and more!

Reservation, workflow and embeddedsite updates

While this release follows the final release of reservation pick up time slots and appointments, it packs a number of workflow improvements including:

  • Option to automatically select the reservation to/end date based on the start date + default loan length
    • Note that this will only work when the start date + default loan length lands on a day your organization or the Pickup Location is open
  • You can now limit how far in advance reservations can be made in days (in addition to, or rather than a fixed last reservation date)
    • For example, if you set Settings > Loans & Reservations > Reservations > Maximum Days In Advance to 60, that means that selected reservations must end 60 days from now.
  • Do not allow self-renewal by membership type
    • By default, when you “discontinue” a membership, users who already have that membership are “grandfathered” and can continue to self-renew that memebrship. That is useful for things like “founding” memberships or subscriptions, but sometimes organizations want to force a renewal or upgrade at expiration–you can do that now with this Membership Type option
  • Embeded Site Improvements
    • A search box has been added to the top of the embedded Item/Product Page so users don’t need to return to a browse page to search when myTurn is embedded in your website
    • Fixed an issue where the reservation pop-up would sometimes not be visible when starting a reservation in an embedded site
  • Transaction receipt options:
    • Set the status of items right after check-in without leaving the Translation receipt. Click on the little “edit” icon next to the Item name/ID on the receipt. NOTE: this change will not be tied to the transaction, this is just a way to more easily change the status of the items
    • Send a custom message with transactions receipts – you can now add a custom message when manually emailing a transaction receipt. Note that this message is not saved with the transaction (but we’ll be making changes to allow saving the message in the future)

To set item statuses right after they are checked in, click on the edit icon after the item name and ID:Edit Status on Check In

And then can you set (or unset) the statuses for that item:Change status after check in

Up Next:

  • Ability to hide top level Item Types from admins
  • Search improvements
  • Self renew for items with late fees and per-day costs

See below for a fuller list of updates in this release:

  • [LEND-6719] – Option to automatically select the reservation end date when possible
  • [LEND-6613] – New Org Setting: Max Days in Advance for Reservations
  • [LEND-6737] – Allow adding a note when manually emailing a Transaction Receipt, similar to the “Notify Ready” Note
  • [LEND-6738] – Add ability to easy set a status on an item when it is checked in (e.g. right from the Tx Receipt)
  • [LEND-6743] – Add option to not allow self-renewal for a Membership Type
  • [LEND-6755] – Disabling auto renew on a membership type should disable for all users of that type
  • [LEND-6747] – Do not allow selection of time slot if time slot has already started
  • [LEND-6714] – Track Last Edited date/time of Items rather than just last updated (e.g. not changed by automated processes)
  • [LEND-6745] – Dislay dates and reservation length and other clean up of the reservation calendar display
  • [LEND-6742] – Move country code in address display on sidebar
  • [LEND-6749] – Add search to embeded product/Item page
  • [LEND-6768] – When searching from an embdded site using the new search on the Item page, the embed=true parameter is lost
  • [LEND-6763] – Deduplicate email addresses on email templates
  • [LEND-6764] – Add a warning when turning off automatic membership renewal
  • [LEND-6750] – Update iFrameResizer to latest version
  • [LEND-6751] – Add HumanizeDuration plugin for Moment.js
  • [LEND-6728] – Last reservation date is not blocking dates on the calendar
  • [LEND-6730] – Clean up calendar date clearing issues
  • [LEND-6740] – Date selected on reservation availability calendar is one day off for some time zones
  • [LEND-6748] – Starting a reservation from an item at the bottom of an embedded frame pops up the reservation dialog at the TOP of the page
  • [LEND-6762] – Changing dates on reservation allows setting the end date to a closed day