June 2020 Release: Reservation Pickup Time Slots & Appointments (Beta)

This release introduces reservation pick-up Time Slots and Appointments, adds a number of reliability improvements for processing online transactions (especially with 3D Secure / SCA cards), and includes dozens of bug fixes.

A few admin Settings Menus changes have been made as well, including moving all user sign up and registration options (aside from Membership Type editing) to:

Settings -> Customers -> Registration

And we have split up the Loans & Reservations Settings into 3 sub-pages:

Settings -> Loans & Reservations ->

  • Loans
  • Reservations
  • Time Slots (only visible if Reservations are enabled — see more below)

This release includes a beta of reservation Time Slots. Your open hours can be split into multiple time slots, and you can limit the number of reservation appointments that are allowed to start per time slot. By default, there is one time slot per day with no limit on appointments for that day.

You can learn more at:



Our Time Slots feature works for one location, or multiple locations / branches:


And you can set the number of appointments allowed on each time slot for each day:

Instructions are on each page in the workflow and you can see our support site for more details on how to configure and use the new functionality!

A fuller list of updates in this release follows:

  • [LEND-6551] – Reliability: Change processing of transactions so that charging the card is the very last thing we do– after saving the tx
  • [LEND-6591] – Show current (label color by expiration date) and new expiration date on membership self renew pop-up
  • [LEND-6614] – Reservation pickup timeslots
  • [LEND-6617] – Display pickup time slot on list reservations,reservation report, and Build Order
  • [LEND-6630] – Rearrange admin menu for time slots
  • [LEND-6657] – Order List Reservations and Reservation Report by Date and Time Slot within the date, soonest first
  • [LEND-6658] – Display time slot on Reservation Cart / Check Out
  • [LEND-6659] – Add pickup location and time slot to reservation confirmation emails, ready for pickup, and reservation remind emails
  • [LEND-6670] – Multiple com.spiders.glend.inventory.Reservation.timeSlot.appointments.tooMany.warning warning show up when admin overloads a time slot
  • [LEND-6676] – Don’t allow regular users to select time slots with no slots available
  • [LEND-6688] – We setting open hours on a day for the first time, create a single all day time slot with unlimited appointments
  • [LEND-6636] – Move user registration settings to their own page
  • [LEND-6638] – Time Slots UI improvements
  • [LEND-6654] – Timeslots: if there is only one timeslot for the day, either pre-select it or don’t show it
  • [LEND-6679] – Add admin option to hide display of “all day” time slots
  • [LEND-6683] – Do not display timeslot to admins, on reservation cart, or email, if Hide “All Day” time slots option selected
  • [LEND-6687] – Do not show “Pickup Time” when starting a reservation until a start date is set
  • [LEND-6704] – Count old reservations against new all day timeslots
  • [LEND-6629] – When changing hours, the time slots should be updated appropriately
  • [LEND-6631] – Error when searching users for all operators
  • [LEND-6641] – Link to Stripe Customer ID not working on userDetails for some users
  • [LEND-6644] – When a secure payment fails on check out… admin left at a mostly blank page and not returned to the cart
  • [LEND-6645] – Admin can’t charge for a membership via editMembership using a card on file that requires secure auth
  • [LEND-6646] – After trying to purchase membership with card on file that requires auth, member brought to blank page
  • [LEND-6647] – When a user tries to pay their outstanding balance and secure 3D fails they are letft on a most blank page (using card on file)
  • [LEND-6648] – User trying to pay an outstanding balance with a secure card on file gives “A null value cannot be assigned to a primitive type”
  • [LEND-6661] – Error paying an outstanding balance with a 3D Secure card on file (as the user themself),
  • [LEND-6662] – Error doing a self-renew or membership with a 3D Secure card
  • [LEND-6663] – Trying to use a 3D Secure card (approved auth) to self-pay an outstanding balance as “pay with a different card” gives an error
  • [LEND-6664] – Error calling getReservationWarnings if there’s a conflict and the system attempts a swap
  • [LEND-6666] – Discount notes (pop-up) lost when paying with a 3D Secure card NOT ON FILE via admin cart
  • [LEND-6668] – Mostly blank page displayed to admin while user needs to authenticate the card, needs content so they know we are waiting for the user to auth the charge
  • [LEND-6669] – Incorrect ReservationRequest is loaded if validation fails when trying to load/edit an older reservation
  • [LEND-6673] – Calculate the next available slot
  • [LEND-6675] – Ugly pop-up on Build Order -> View Original Reservation (revert workflow)
  • [LEND-6681] – Pickup timeslot status may not be set correctly when selecting a reservation start date via the Item page Calendar
  • [LEND-6682] – Clicking on a date in the availability calendar does not start from that date for admins
  • [LEND-6684] – Possible to start a reservation on a day with no appointments available by changing the start date multiple times
  • [LEND-6689] – Hide time slots link for orgs with no reservations
  • [LEND-6691] – Double list of time slots in select
  • [LEND-6692] – Issues with changing time slots and old ReservationRequests
  • [LEND-6695] – Getting a time slot for a day should take into consideration if the branch is closed or not
  • [LEND-6696] – Too many overlays when refreshing time slots
  • [LEND-6697] – Reservation Safari issues
  • [LEND-6700] – When switching a ReservationRequest to a date that has no time slots available the start button remains enabled
  • [LEND-6703] – Error trying to revert an order/reservation back to the original