May 2020 Release: Membership Refinements, Maintenance History, Opening Balance & More

This month’s updates bring refinements to allowing users to purchase memberships / subscriptions, the ability to view and export all of your items maintenance history, and you can now set an “Opening Balance” on your users account.

Membership / Subscription

This page has been revamped to make the cost, duration, and other information about the Membership clearer. A similar layout is used when users renew manually (or they can use automatic renewal). The updates also make things like recommended and minimum amounts due on “Flexible” (pay what you can) memberships clearer:

Opening Balance

You can also now set an opening balance on your users. Positive amounts are amounts they owe, negative values will specify that they are starting with a credit on their account. Please note that the Opening Balance Date must be before the earliest transaction for the user in question. In the example below, we are placing an opening credit on the user’s account of $100 as of 3/5/2014:


Maintenance History

You can now view and export your item maintenance history, not just upcoming, in progress, or overdue maintenance. This page still defaults to showing Maintenance Due, Overdue, and In Progress. To show history for a time period, uncheck “Maintenance Due” and specify the dates you want to view:

Maintenance Report


Upcoming features will include the ability to set up “time slots” for users to pick up reservations.  This release also includes:

  • [LEND-6561] – Support for opening balance
  • [LEND-6579] – Import opening balance
  • [LEND-6580] – Edit opening balance
  • [LEND-6585] – Opening Balance: Export opening balance in user export
  • [LEND-6581] – opening balance: make sure user can’t set a “as of” date after the user’s first transaction
  • [LEND-6559] – Move/copy “keep card on file” to card entry popup.
  • [LEND-6565] – Build order is not handling groupings quite right when adding an item that has the same grouping as one in the reservation
  • [LEND-6571] – See if we can have the “show item” calendar start on the same day as the “select days for reservation” popup
  • [LEND-6575] – Maintenance history reports
  • [LEND-6577] – On orgSubscription plan can show as “obsolete” when they are not according to the plan/product list on adminPlan
  • [LEND-6582] – Org cannot edit settings if one of its membership type has a duration of 1 day
  • [LEND-5971] – Show items with a badge of “in transit” rather than “unavailable” when browsing and on the item page when they are in transit
  • [LEND-6492] – Make membership cards look like new organization plan cards (see comments)
  • [LEND-6543] – Remember me gets unchecked on username/password failure at login
  • [LEND-6558] – Don’t show the replacement cost on the Item Page if the “show replacement cost” is not checked off
  • [LEND-6560] – Export auto-renew and statement auto pay status as part of user export
  • [LEND-6562] – Self renew on free ($0) membership asks for a credit card—no card should be needed for no cost renewals
  • [LEND-6563] – Build Order NPE with new ItemGroupings
  • [LEND-6568] – Error when trying to revert a reservation to the original version
  • [LEND-6572] – Add a confirmation pop-up to the user self “Renew” button that provides the renewal details and the amount their card is about to be charged
  • [LEND-6573] – Require country on myTurn site registration form
  • [LEND-6576] – Add payment method to subscription popups
  • [LEND-6584] – Do not export Disabled Items by default
  • [LEND-6602] – Improved membership self-purchase flow
  • [LEND-6604] – Put the membership renewal cost into the email reminder of an upcoming membership renewal
  • [LEND-6547] – Server side membership validation failure should send the user back to the Change/Select Membership page
  • [LEND-6548] – Add JS validation for minimum membership amount
  • [LEND-6554] – When clicking the “Override Default” button on the loan fee Amount “per day” changes to “per loan”
  • [LEND-6555] – When a myTurn subscription payment fails due to a bad credit card, and a new card is saved, the OLD card is still used… and keeps failing.
  • [LEND-6564] – StripeIntentPaymentMethod is missing nameForReports override
  • [LEND-6574] – Item Type breadcrumbs on Item Page are not showing the translated versions
  • [LEND-6583] – Do not show Disabled items by default on admin List Items (orgInventory/list)
  • [LEND-6586] – If you don’t set a date (or amount) on an Opening Balance the error just says “An error occurred – opening balance not saved”
  • [LEND-6587] – If the server responds slowly, it looks like the Save button on setting an opening balance did not work
  • [LEND-6588] – When exporting users, put the Customer/Member ID field first
  • [LEND-6590] – Upcoming membership renewal messages use membership renewal error template
  • [LEND-6592] – Opening balance is set to one day earlier than what the admin sets it to when editing via the website
  • [LEND-6594] – Display opening balance when set for the first time via User Details page
  • [LEND-6595] – Save button still disabled if trying to change Opening Balance a second time before reload
  • [LEND-6596] – Negative Opening Balance shows up as “(10.00)” when editing, but requires entry/changing that to -10
  • [LEND-6597] – “Return” and “Transfer” buttons on pop-up on Tx receipt should both work and add the new “with note” option
  • [LEND-6599] – Payment method not saved when signing up for a new Membership as part of account creation
  • [LEND-6601] – Degree symbol and ° being stripped from fields (Item Name, Description, etc.)
  • [LEND-6606] – NPE on userDetails when the user is deactivated
  • [LEND-6607] – Last Loan Per User report errors when clicking on username (wrong ID being sent)
  • [LEND-6610] – Copy & Edit Failed twice on one item, then succeeded
  • [LEND-6611] – Page error on payment method page when user has no “on account”
  • [LEND-6612] – NPE when OpeningBalance is null
  • [LEND-6622] – Error trying to save a copy or an item and create new items
  • [LEND-6625] – Can’t delete user due to opening balance field
  • [LEND-6626] – Handle opening balance on user merge
  • [LEND-6632] – Deny of an Reservation when building the order gives an ugly error