More Flexible Reservations and Reservation/Loan “Buffers” | April 2019 Updates

More Flexible Reservations and Reservation/Loan “Buffers” | April 2019 Updates

In this release we’ve enabled Administrative users to override all buffers and other restrictions on reservations, have a number of new and changed features, and completed many bug fixes.  We’ve also revamped the myTurn reservation “buffer” system to makes things clearer and more flexible. There are now two buffers you can set:

  1. Now Buffer: how many days from “now” can a reservation start
  2. Between Buffer: the number of days needed between reservations or loans

There are a number of places this can help:

  • Ensure you have time to get items ready before someone picks them up
  • Provide lead time to transfer items for pickup at another location
  • Enable you to have time to ship items in time for a reservation, and have items returned
  • Ensure you have time to clean or run maintenance on items when they come back

Buffer days are only available on some subscription plans, please contact us if you’re interested!

  • [LEND-4385] – Allow admins to waive pre-buffer restrictions when creating a reservation
  • [LEND-5690] – Replace current reservation buffer attribute types with “now” and “between” buffers
  • [LEND-5692] – Add organization option to allow reservations on the same day an item is returned
  • [LEND-5693] – Calculate “available periods” by accounting for same-day-reservation option when indexing
  • [LEND-5694] – Account for now/between buffers when indexing
  • [LEND-5695] – Account for same-day-option and now/between when showing the calendar
  • [LEND-5696] – Account for same-day-option and now/between buffers when warning of conflicts (cart), allowing self-renew, swapping items
  • [LEND-5697] – Do not require Org Admins to be members to make reservations for themselves
  • [LEND-5699] – Change item/itemType.getTotalBuffer to use now/between values
  • [LEND-5700] – Look at the performance of indexing using the new now/between buffers
  • [LEND-5707] – Account for now/between when deciding whether to swap upcoming reservations
  • [LEND-5711] – Account for same-day option and now/between buffers when calculating max return date (self checkout)
  • [LEND-5721] – Account for now/between buffers when looking for swapping candidates
  • [LEND-5722] – Account for now/between buffers when searching
  • [LEND-5725] – account for new “now” buffer and *closed days* when search for “available now” or “available during reservation dates”
  • [LEND-5730] – Self-checkout: if an item is committed on a different day than it was put into the cart, recalculate the amount accordingly
  • [LEND-5734] – Expire (Delete) self-checkout cart that saw no activity in the last 12 hours
  • [LEND-5735] – Index checkouts using the event model, not in postprocess()
  • [LEND-5736] – Can’t start on test
  • [LEND-5737] – Stream closed when submitting a reservation request
  • [LEND-5739] – When self-service fulfills a reservations, sometimes, the cart isn’t deleted.
  • [LEND-5751] – “Error saving project” from the reservation cart needs a better message
  • [LEND-5755] – List of locations on “start reservation” modal is wrong when an admin is making a reservation for another user
  • [LEND-5759] – Error in quartz job that deletes abandoned carts
  • [LEND-5761] – Warn [toastr] when changing reservation dates to dates that overlap now buffer
  • [LEND-5765] – Add cache for Address and increase caches for Membership and UserRole
  • [LEND-5766] – Improve speed of loan export
  • [LEND-5767] – Limiting reports by projects is very slow for organizations with a large number of projects, remove the feature for now
  • [LEND-5801] – Warn about reservations that have not been picked up in the cart (after the start date)
  • [LEND-5824] – Do not change inventory location when starting a reservation for “select pickup” or Pandemonium
  • [LEND-5833] – Attempt swapping when checking out an item for which there is a current, un-picked up reservation
  • [LEND-5840] – Allow override of last-day for reservation if the user is an admin (loans for any location)
  • [LEND-5465] – Pre buffer days are not showing on the item page (inventory/show) after reservations if there are no post buffers
  • [LEND-5613] – In stock during reservation dates search option does not work with business days reservation buffer
  • [LEND-5662] – Make sure admins can override buffer days when adding/editing reservations
  • [LEND-5708] – Prevent multiple same day reservations on the same day
  • [LEND-5732] – Pickup location and date picker issues when editing an existing reservation
  • [LEND-5733] – Editing the dates of a reservation to overlap with the existing *same day return* reservation cause items to show as not available
  • [LEND-5741] – Statuses list an access level of “only certain membership types” but does not support that functionality
  • [LEND-5743] – Kiosk: Throw an error if an org tries to commit when they do not have 2-phase commit enabled
  • [LEND-5744] – Items on the non-admin user transaction list link to the admin view of the item
  • [LEND-5745] – Changing just the “require project” org option should not reindex inventory
  • [LEND-5748] – Production:When starting a reservation as a user and a location is required, the location isn’t “taken” and a popup says, “location is required”
  • [LEND-5752] – Can’t unset memberships for location visibility, the selected memberships stay set
  • [LEND-5753] – Can’t do a same day reservation in between two existing reservations that have one day between them
  • [LEND-5754] – Error starting a reservation (after date selection)on org not using pickup locations
  • [LEND-5756] – Error when trying to expand a group on Build Order (single location org)
  • [LEND-5758] – Error transferring items back home
  • [LEND-5762] – Can’t edit some reservations (goes to inventory browse)
  • [LEND-5769] – Sacramento (patron API) reports that their users are getting emailed every time they log in since their expiration is being updated
  • [LEND-5774] – Don’t error on Tx receipt if the user does not have an address
  • [LEND-5776] – Sacramento library expirations from SIP2 are still being updated every time a user logs in.
  • [LEND-5778] – “Calculate reservation buffers based on days your organization is open” option showing for orgs that don’t use buffer days
  • [LEND-5790] – Self renew does not work from the loan details page
  • [LEND-5794] – Allow setting and overriding the pickup location via URL parameter
  • [LEND-5814] – Fulfilled reservations should not impact availability
  • [LEND-5815] – Do not show fulfilled reservations on item calendar on public item page
  • [LEND-5830] – Cant delete a user that has deleted other users
  • [LEND-5831] – Last reservation date
  • [LEND-5832] – The cart warning for upcoming reservations doesn’t look further than the first reservation, and ignores it if it’s for the user checking out.
  • [LEND-5842] – If Last Reservation Date is set, can’t select an end date at all
  • [LEND-5843] – Upcoming reservation cart warning only looks for one current reservation… even if it is already fulfilled and there is another current one that is not
  • [LEND-5844] – PRODUCTION: Admin not warned when renewing items that have upcoming reservations
  • [LEND-5853] – Off by one error on Last Reservation Date