July 2018 Release: Monthly Statements

The big feature in this release is the ability to use post-paid product subscription with monthly statements that can be sent to subscribers or members.

These allow you to offer a post-paid service by putting all fees “On Account” during the month and then customers will get a monthly bill to pay. Just like a credit card… only better, because people are typically borrowing rather than buying things which we of course fully support!

All updates

  • [LEND-4981] – Add option to email a monthly statement of account
  • [LEND-4983] – Send monthly statements via email
  • [LEND-5006] – Hide disabled items by default on the Admin List Items – it’s not delete, but it’s pretty close now!
  • [LEND-4980] – Ability for users to filter the transaction report by month with a dropdown for the last 12 months
  • [LEND-4982] – If monthly statements are enabled, provide option to pay “last statement balance” on Single Payment page
  • [LEND-2611] – Translate item types in item type filters – um, err, glad this works now!
  • [LEND-4679] – Make sure users have links back to the Inventory pages from My Account pages
  • [LEND-4863] – Ugly error when warning a user that they have an item checked out and they try to reserve it
  • [LEND-4870] – Skip redirect to single item page when there are multiple locations – made it tough to leave the page, as per the last notes, we don’t like dead ends!
  • [LEND-4937] – Indicate phase is required on reservations if project is required
  • [LEND-4965] – Still issues with reservation calendar buffer displays – we hate timezones
  • [LEND-4985] – NPE on deactivated users when cross-organization data sharing is enabled
  • [LEND-4986] – Ugly error trying to reserve an item already checked out
  • [LEND-4992] – Move “send statements” option to PaymentOptions – too many options! But you keep asking for more!
  • [LEND-4993] – Ugly error message when trying to create a new org and the shortname already exists –we hates ugly errors.
  • [LEND-5003] – Restricting user registration by domain name does not validate domain name entry–fixed!
  • [LEND-5004] – Restricting user creation by domain does a case-sensitive matches when emails are not case-sensitive–oOpS!
  • [LEND-5013] – Cannot export transactions-can now!
  • [LEND-5016] – Item names in browsing cards are being truncated at 1 line–even 2-3 can be too short! we know, working on better UX!
  • [LEND-5028] – Transactions display an opening balance that includes the amount put on account for THAT transaction
  • [LEND-5046] – Items returned from the kiosk re indexed with checked_out: true–err, oops, fixed
  • [LEND-4944] – Don’t show the gray buffer bars in the reservation calendar once the date has gone past–no sense showing them until we implement the TARDIS protocol.
  • [LEND-4966] – Org Option to display $0/<time period> on inventory/browse and product pages–don’t show money if it is $0, do show, don’t show it…. no YOU can decide
  • [LEND-4984] – Make wording clearer on edit reservation page
  • [LEND-4989] – Clean up wording, layouts, and i18n
  • [LEND-4995] – Move Statements org option to the Financial -> Payments & Fees page
  • [LEND-4998] – Add borrower email address to reservation screen