myTurn April 2018 Updates

Our latest release brings new analytics reporting, an option to require a credit/debit card be saved on file to submit reservations ( required), and over 70 other updates and new features.

With the addition of the “Usage Report” last month, and the “Last Use” report this month, organizations can much better determine which of their inventory items are being used the most and even which have never been used (or not for a long time).

Many of our customers have loaned the same item out over 200 times, and often items are used at least 10x to 100x that of individual ownership.

We have also improved the interface for our Self Service Kiosk Mode – if you are interested in allowing your users to check items out and back in themselves, please contact us.


  • [LEND-4614] – Report: last loan by item (including if the item has never been borrowed)
  • [LEND-4483] – Option to require card to be put on file to make a reservation
  • [LEND-4685] – Collapse rather than completely hide the “payments” section of the cart when no fees due
  • [LEND-4782] – Add a warning on the admin Reservation List when there are conflicting reservations, including due to buffer days
  • [LEND-4360] – Page title of reservation cart does not reflect actual dates after date change (now updates!)
  • [LEND-4411] – Add cart button on admin views user agreements page
  • [LEND-4598] – Production: Ugly errors on some imports
  • [LEND-4677] – Reports/datatables cleanup (because we don’t like dirty reports)
  • [LEND-4719] – Enterprise: Project editing prints out “EmailRemindersJob” in the well area?
  • [LEND-4727] – Cart button wraps down when reservation date has passed at small desktop size (fixed!)
  • [LEND-4732] – Kiosk: Default value for kiosk logout timeout is wrong
  • [LEND-4741] – Embedded pages don’t resize when changing pages (now they do!)
  • [LEND-4742] – Cannot sign agreements on embedded sites (“Agreement not found”) – fixed!
  • [LEND-4744] – No way to get back to main browse page from show item page on embedded site – fixed
  • [LEND-4746] – Kiosk: error if trying to check out more items than allowed
  • [LEND-4748] – Embedded login page not tall enough (whoops!)
  • [LEND-4750] – Mobile layout issues – fixed
  • [LEND-4755] – The post-loan buffer isn’t respected on future reservations in some (many) cases
  • [LEND-4757] – User transaction details sometimes showing error messages about outstanding balances when the org does not take money
  • [LEND-4761] – On myAccount/paymentMethod, it says “We do not take credit/debit at this time” when there is no card on file
  • [LEND-4763] – Projects: Problems on Project Editing
  • [LEND-4764] – Projects: Add project name to post project survey email – to subject and body of the message
  • [LEND-4769] – Add Organization to tx receipt of “show address” option is selected
  • [LEND-4770] – Production: Critical can’t unset fee for “request” membership type.
  • [LEND-4772] – Do not show current membership type on purchase membership page when type is request
  • [LEND-4774] – Validation issues for other membership type numeric values (discounts and loan length)
  • [LEND-4776] – Production: Export Loans Performance issues (better, but still not “great” – have patience, please)
  • [LEND-4780] – Permissions error when limited/location admin trys to run aggregate reports
  • [LEND-4781] – Limit maximum date range of loan exports/reports to 1 year for performance reasons
  • [LEND-4783] – Reservation dates in popup show on current month rather than month they are set for – fixed!
  • [LEND-4784] – Kiosk: if the max items checked out value is not set on the users membership type they can not check out any items via the kiosk
  • [LEND-4799] – Continued merge issues – see description
  • [LEND-4802] – Another merge issue: “User on the left side not found”.
  • [LEND-4803] – Error on custom loan report for orgs not using multiple-location support
  • [LEND-4700] – Kiosk: Make use of new organization settings
  • [LEND-4634] – Add organization properties for kiosk settings
  • [LEND-4705] – If “card on file required” is set and the user doesn’t have a card on file, ask for one when they try to start a reservation
  • [LEND-4706] – Dont allow user to remove a card on file if they have an approved/pending upcoming reservation, if the org has that option set
  • [LEND-4707] – If “require card on file for reservations”, notify an admin if a reservation they want to approve is for a user without a CC
  • [LEND-4726] – Notify admin if changing a reservation’s user to a user who does not have a card on file
  • [LEND-4729] – Handle card being deleted between “start reservation” and “confirm”
  • [LEND-3340] – Separate item ID out into its own column in reports
  • [LEND-4384] – Account for the pre-buffer and post-buffer when identifying conflicts in the cart
  • [LEND-4537] – Allow export of Outstanding Balances report
  • [LEND-4722] – Round average days to 2 decimals on usage report
  • [LEND-4724] – Remove currency formatting from LoanReportResponse JSON
  • [LEND-4730] – Allow admins (orgadmins and loan admins for locations) to create reservations without a card on file
  • [LEND-4731] – i18n of “require card on file”
  • [LEND-4745] – Add reservation dates/cart button on show item page (finally)
  • [LEND-4749] – Change dates button goes away on item browsing when “in stock during reservation dates” is removed
  • [LEND-4752] – Make Reservation “Change Dates” button appear all the time
  • [LEND-4753] – Change the “Change Dates” reservation button to just “Change” on the browse/product pages
  • [LEND-4754] – Allow Super Admins to change the Current Location of an Item
  • [LEND-4756] – Provide option to hide open hours
  • [LEND-4758] – Add option to show user address on receipt
  • [LEND-4759] – Kiosk: Improve custom text layout/CSS
  • [LEND-4760] – “ID” ambiguous on Loan reports
  • [LEND-4771] – Can’t set the fee for request membership to 0, or to “” after having put an amount on it – fixed!
  • [LEND-4777] – Try to apply the indexing context on “export loans” since it’s slow in the same spots indexing was
  • [LEND-4779] – Custom loan report and loan history reports don’t handle paging – they do now!