myTurn Updates for December 2017


  • [LEND-3194] – Reset password validation can trigger incorrectly, fixed
  • [LEND-4405] – List reservations performance improved (still needs work, we know!)
  • [LEND-4487] – My loans report errors when the default loan length is “use membership type”
  • [LEND-4495] – Loan renewals sometimes 1 day too long (timezones suck – fixed, the bug, not timezones we still have them unfortunately)
  • [LEND-4502] – Sticky due date field references a parameter that doesn’t exist – fixed!
  • [LEND-4508] – Lost help text for “hide inventory quantities” in edit organization
  • [LEND-4528] – Check in comments not recorded in some cases
  • [LEND-4523] – Cart comments sometimes show as “null” in other cases
  • [LEND-4525] – Check in comment text doesn’t show on edit – oops
  • [LEND-4522] – Check out comments were lost when set on grouped (multiple of the same) items …. all , fixed!


  • [LEND-4519] – Kiosk: Button width on cart pages
  • [LEND-4469] – Kiosk: Play sounds when scanning items (enter by id)
  • [LEND-4509] – Kiosk Mode: Add check out confirmation page
  • [LEND-4517] – Kiosk: Allow representation of allowed IP addresses for Fob-auth to be in subnet range format
  • [LEND-4475] – Kiosk: Add icons to header in place of placeholder texts
  • [LEND-4490] – Kiosk: Add number of checked out items indicator to landing page
  • [LEND-4492] – Add option to hide “In Stock Now” inventory browse option from non-admins
  • [LEND-4493] – Buffers: Change In Stock Now option on Inventory Browse to ignore Pre-buffers
  • [LEND-4516] – Projects: Admin can’t view/edit project Survey data