Late Fee Flexibility and Bug Fixes

While we work on some larger issues, we’ve continuing to release smaller updates and bug fixes more quickly. This release adds the ability to only charge late fees on days your organization is open, and also allows for a “grace period” on late fee calculations.

New Features

  • [LEND-4332] – Add option to “skip closed days when calculating late fees”
    • While most organizations want to charge late fees whenever other people can’t use an item due to it being late (opportunity cost) some organizations that are only open a few days a week only want to calculate late fees on days they are open.
  • [LEND-4335] – Allow for a late fee grace period
    • For example, if your organization treats the “due date” more as a “ship back to us by date” you can use the grace period to not charge late fees while an item is in transit

Improvements Made

  • [LEND-4408] – Improve performance of check in/out page
  • [LEND-4437] – Add checkout link from Agreements page – fewer clicks for the win!

Bugs Squashed

  • [LEND-4435] – Fix link to “create new org” from myTurn Network page
    • Only applies to organizations that manage multiple myTurn sites
  • [LEND-4436] – Location “loan” admins do not have permission to view the new faster loans report (oops!)
    • This was a bug related to the performance improvements to check in/out and were hotfixed shortly after release.