It’s Still Summer 2017 myTurn (Stability Enhancement Release)

We’re holding onto summer and making myTurn more stable for all of our customers with a stability enhancement release (aka most “bug fixes”). While nothing exciting like “self checkout” or “Kiosk Mode,” the ability to add buffer days to reservations, or “maintenance plans,” there are rumors that those features are coming soon.

New Features & Improvements

  • [LEND-4316] – Warn admins if they set a “Self Registration Membership Type” that allows check outs
  • [LEND-4317] – Do not allow a “Self Registration Membership Type” that costs money
  • [LEND-3854] – Add date created and date updated to inventory export
  • [LEND-4318] – Multiple location help wording cleanup
  • [LEND-4328] – Default user transaction reports to 1 year rather than 1 month and allow organization transaction reports to be up to 2 years rather than 1
  • [LEND-4347] – Clean up wording and layout
  • Beta Features
    • [LEND-3389] – Add Manufacturer to Item Import / Export
    • [LEND-3757] – Import custom item types
    • [LEND-4229] – Report on project phases
    • [LEND-3899] – Accept additional user fields via Single Sign On
    • [LEND-4348] – Improve phase selection layout on reservation list
    • [LEND-4307] – Display project phase with project
    • [LEND-3913] – Mark imported transaction so we can tell them apart in stats

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-4338] – First column of loan reports is too wide
  • [LEND-4312] – Cant upload logo due to validation error
  • [LEND-4288] – Changing a user to Deactivated should bypass Agreement checks
  • [LEND-4089] – Don’t allow submission of reservations with dates in the past.
  • [LEND-3932] – Membership requests badge shows when request membership allows checkout
  • [LEND-4267] – User warnings with \n are busting listReservations
  • [LEND-4278] – Too many columns when expanding combined loans in reports
  • [LEND-4345] – The notification in the bell drop down can show that fees are owed when they are owed to a different org
  • [LEND-4349] – User reservation notes missing background under long notes
  • [LEND-4353] – Prod: Link to previously signed agreements is incorrect and 404’s

Keep an eye out for new features coming in late early October!