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2017 Mid Summer Mixed Bag Release

2017 Mid Summer Mixed Bag Release

This release while primarily a bug fix release also contains a number of new features and improvements. The highest profile updates include:

  • Dashboard updated to show Active Users and Items by default – total users and items can be seen when hovering over the new values
  • Offer to renew an item if the user tries to reserve an item they have checked out
  • Clarify inventory cards to say “In Stock Now” to differentiate between an item being available for a reservation in the future vs available “right now”.
  • Many reports and settings pages are now faster
  • Keep reading for a list of all updates in these releases

New Features and Improvements

  • [LEND-4223] – Update Dashboard to show Active users and non-disabled Items
  • [LEND-4198] – Filter out items already in the cart from check out search results by name
  • [LEND-3799] – When user tries to reserve item already checked out, offer to Renew it
  • [LEND-3997] – Change “In Stock” to “In Stock Now” on inventory cards
  • [LEND-4204] – When using myTurn central login with multiple sites, change header to “Select Site”
  • [LEND-4215] – Add additional user fields (“HUD fields”) to the myAccount page
  • [LEND-4213] – Improve inventory reindexing performance
  • [LEND-4250] – Create new email settings page
  • [LEND-4182] – Show quantities to Location Admins and above when hide quantities is enabled
  • [LEND-4219] – Show check out note at check in
  • [LEND-4235] – Do not require selecting a default item type for import
  • [LEND-4249] – Add message and link to Check In / Out message on the Receipts template help text
  • [LEND-4258] – Change “Add Comment” to “Edit Comment” when there is a check-in comment
  • [LEND-4273] – Add “Organization” to user fields
  • [LEND-4281] – Warn admins about changing the membership discount %’s
  • [LEND-4282] – Allow selectUser to accept comma separated itemIds param to add multiple items to the cart via a link
  • [LEND-4279] – Hide money related membership type fields
  • Beta: Post Project / Loan Surveys
    • [LEND-4259] – Add option to send survey after the last loan of a project has been returned
    • [LEND-4256] – Add setting to select “how many days after the last loan of a project we send the survey”
    • [LEND-4086] – Specify and implement “post project survey fields”
    • [LEND-4260] – Create an automated process that sends survey reminders
    • [LEND-4261] – Add EmailMessageTemplate for survey reminders

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-4211] – Location admins with loans privs can’t search for items
  • [LEND-4257] – Validate org logo and favicon extensions when submitting form
  • [LEND-3659] – Cannot override fields in the item editor with an empty value
  • [LEND-4124] – “Amount owed on this transaction: £10.00” at top of Tx is confusing once the amount is paid.
  • [LEND-4294] – Self-renew allowed in edge case when there is an upcoming reservation
  • [LEND-4275] – When creating or editing items, only allow override an existing value with “nothing”
  • [LEND-4212] – Location admins with loans privs can’t email transaction receipts
  • [LEND-4217] – Renewal count improperly displays as 0
  • [LEND-4218] – Some overdue items are allowed to be self-renewed
  • [LEND-4224] – Admin user loan history sorting by the wrong column
  • [LEND-4231] – Overdue item message sometimes incorrectly displaying in user pages
  • [LEND-3298] – Loan reminder job only checks that there is a reply to address set for due reminders
  • [LEND-4140] – Unsetting default values does not always work
  • [LEND-4144] – Reservation badge text does not change after approve/deny without a page reload
  • [LEND-4237] – Adding additional payments on cart unchecks “save card on file”
  • [LEND-4238] – Problem with user causing errors on production
  • [LEND-4243] – Cannot invoke method generateUsername() on null object on test, when logging into PGE
  • [LEND-4246] – Non-expiring users not being taken into account in some cases for stats
  • [LEND-4252] – Can’t access agreement settings actions on mobile devices
  • [LEND-4271] – Add New org button on site admin org list page is busted
  • [LEND-4272] – Remove empty value from list of location emails
  • [LEND-4276] – Need to show membership discounts in reminder and overdue emails (and tx of course)
  • [LEND-4280] – Cart formatting improvements
  • [LEND-4289] – All times to UTC and ensure proper timezones being used when TZ changed
  • [LEND-4299] – Javascript error when a membership discount is set on an org that doesn’t take money