myTurn 3.13: Sticky Due Dates, Videos and Cleanup

“Sticky” Due Dates, (improved) ability to embed videos on product pages and other improvements and bug fixes has been rolled out to all myTurn customers. There were over 40 fixes and updates in this release, including the items listed below.

We’re continuing to improve our support for multi-organization, or network of myTurn sites, management. Please contact us if you’d like to manage a network of myTurn sites.

New Feature

  • Sticky Due Dates: you can now have the due date for all checkouts
  • Embed Videos on product details pages
  • Multi-Organization management improvements

Other Issues Resolved

  • [LEND-2964] – No warning when trying to update expiration and not checking “only update expiration”
  • [LEND-3099] – Default Video needs better layout on item page
  • [LEND-3100] – Show existing additional image and additional file on item editing page
  • [LEND-3103] – UX: Additional “Add New” buttons when there are no items
  • [LEND-3106] – Chrome and Safari have issues with the “are you sure you want to leave” on item editing
  • [LEND-3107] – When creating a user enroute to cart “use full account details page” button goes to wrong location
  • [LEND-3110] – Membership Name should be required
  • [LEND-3113] – Visual glitch created by a hidden input between cart submit buttons
  • [LEND-3122] – Copy-item-and-edit doesn’t always handle attachments properly
  • [LEND-3129] – Improvements to bad HTML cleanup
  • [LEND-3133] – Removing item or group from checkout table does not update outgoing totals
  • [LEND-3146] – Total amount on loan reports is rounded
  • [LEND-3164] – Badge in membership upgrade area improvements when no expiration date set
  • [LEND-3166] – Amount due does not update after going back to membership type “No Change”
  • [LEND-3170] – On the user self-create account page, changing the country should change the list of states
  • [LEND-3171] – Fix error on membership renewal in some edge cases
  • [LEND-3181] – Fix warning on creating and editing fees, categories, etc.
  • [LEND-3189] – Multi-org Import Improvements
  • [LEND-3108] – Default timezone of new location to same as Main Org Location
  • [LEND-3119] – quickCreateUser should default to the default membership membership
  • [LEND-3150] – Unclear summaries in some loan reports