myTurn release 3.12: Cleanup and readability

This release focuses on cleanup and readability/usability of the platform, with some multi-site administrator improvements as well.

Issues addressed:
[LEND-2885] – Clean up imported data automagically
[LEND-3019] – Email receipt for membership changes has no indication of membership change
[LEND-3042] – When item editing textarea is resized, page height is not resized appropriately
[LEND-3054] – Mobile hamburgler menu form fields are less than readable
[LEND-3062] – Warn when leaving the item editor and there are unsaved changes
[LEND-3074] – Checked in date showing “Invalid Date” on loan report
[LEND-3079] – Error when creating user, and setting Member ID, enroute to check out/cart
[LEND-3098] – Platform reliability updates
[LEND-3041] – Add more editing options to editor (e.g. embed video)
[LEND-3044] – Add large “Add New Location” button when no locations are setup (requires location support)
[LEND-3070] – Default new User creation country to country of organization
[LEND-3086] – Disable auto-correct in Data Tables search box
[LEND-3088] – Increase contrast on forms and fields
[LEND-3058] – Provide a list of orgs an multi-site admin can administer