myTurn Release 3.11: Multi-site management

This update starts the roll-out of multi-site or “networks” of myTurn sites. This allows one or more admins to manage and report on multiple myTurn sites. We’ll be expanding this functionality over the coming weeks and months as well.

Updates and bug fixes in this release:
[LEND-3012] – Allow multi-site admin and site admin to import users for multiple orgs at once
[LEND-3013] – Allow multi-site admins and up to import inventory for multiple orgs at once
[LEND-3015] – Allow multi-site admins to set mandatory inventory fields
[LEND-3017] – Update “search for users” and “count administrators”
[LEND-3021] – Fix issues with reminders sometimes not going out under some circumstances
[LEND-3045] – Allow multi-site admin to have Super Admin privs for all orgs of that type
[LEND-3048] – Account pages are missing some default validation settings
[LEND-3049] – Submitting forgot password page with no data provides no feedback
[LEND-3050] – Add support for Hungarian & Vietnamese
[LEND-3055] – Warn users when revoking a lower privilege if the user they’re revoking it from has higher privilege
[LEND-3064] – Fix error on myTurn site create
[LEND-3068] – User search error when limiting to “Administrators”
[LEND-3057] – Add a parameter to indicate we are uploading inventory/members for multiple organizations
[LEND-3037] – Implement “mandatory user fields”, including mandatory email address for online signups
[LEND-3040] – Add checkbox for “use standard membership” when importing users
[LEND-3072] – Allow for due date when hours listed as “closed”